$50K Of Illegal Execution Drugs Stopped In India: How Will Nebraska Kill Their Inmates Now? (VIDEO)

Pete Ricketts, Governor of Nebraska, finally found his execution drugs in India and although the FDA stated the drugs were illegal….. he bought them anyway.

You see, Nebraska has abolished the death penalty, but there are still 10 guys on death row and Ricketts has vowed to get them taken care of before the landmark Republican-led move to end the death penalty can take effect.

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Yes really, he did!

Even though the FDA warned Ricketts these drugs could not enter the U.S. and despite the death penalty being abolished. What a great way to spend $50 thousand of tax payer money!

Here is Rachel Maddow discussing the situation as it began only 3 months ago, the drugs were expected in 90 days:

Well, the promised drugs the Governor needs to euthanize the last ten HUMANS in his state is holding in a now illegal death row has happened. According to Buzzfeed:

Nebraska ordered more than $50,000 of sodium thiopental and other execution drugs from a distributor in India named Chris Harris in May. The Food and Drug Administration has consistently maintained that importing the drug would be illegal, but the state has shown every intention of moving forward regardless. The FDA says it will not allow the drug into the U.S.

DUH! The FDA said this before Ricketts ordered them. He knew this would happen when the illegal drugs were ordered. He did it anyway so that he could ignore Nebraska’s decision to end the death penalty and get those last 10 guys into boxes.

Republican ethics 101: kill ’em all, even when we decide not to anymore and even when you have to break the law to do it.

The drugs were shipped via FedEx on August 24, but never made it to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. The shipment was returned to the sender in India due to “improper or missing paperwork,” according to the tracking page.

According to the company handling the shipping from India, it was because the drug lacked FDA approval. “Our shipment has to clear the U.S. office,” Rohit Sharma said. “But they told us that it does not have FDA clearance.”

Gee whiz, why would we even be surprised since everyone knew already that they drugs were ILLEGAL TO IMPORT?

Nebraska currently ranks somewhere in that lackluster dead-average range, with abysmal employment growth, at .2 percent and bottom 10 percent average income. It seems that the governor feels that raising the standard of living in Nebraska takes the back seat to getting back at 10 guys on death row; illegally, with unapproved, expensive, unethical drugs that are now in limbo anyway.

Nebraska voters, what the hell are you thinking?

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