5 Reasons Why Dennis Rodman’s Endorsement Won’t Do Donald Trump An Ounce Of Good

Raising Donald Trump’s shock-based presidential campaign to a new shock level was the recent endorsement bestowed by shock-jock Dennis Rodman. In a July 24 tweet, the former NBA star known as “The Worm” said:

We don’t need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump!

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While this may seem novel, when the similarities between Rodman and Trump are considered, the endorsement shouldn’t come as any surprise. They have a lot in common.

Take their bizarre hairstyles, for example; Trump’s Ultimate Comb-over is well complemented by Rodman’s Spray Paint Du Jour. Both had their own cheesy “reality” TV shows, too. And both are so attention-starved that each displays the utmost of unprofessional behavior whenever a camera is near.

But even The Donald has some catching up to do to near the notoriety of The Worm. Even his recent cheap shots at Lindsey Graham – even his discriminatory comments against Mexicans – can’t hold a candle to Rodman’s record. Please recall:

1) The Domestic Violence

Rodman was arrested and fined multiple times for domestic disturbance, domestic violence, and spousal abuse. In the last case, he pleaded no contest; Rodman received a sentence of three years of probation, and had to undergo counseling and perform public service.

2) The Other Legal Violations

Rodman was arrested many times on alcohol-related issues, and was convicted of DUI in 2000. He appeared in “Celebrity Rehab,” but was removed from a restaurant due to drunken behavior on the same day that reality show debuted. In addition, ESPN once reported that police were called to his Los Angeles home over 70 times in response to neighbor complaints.

3) The Faith Attacks

During the 1996 NBA championship against the Salt Lake City Jazz, Rodman blamed his poor performance on the religion most prominent in that team’s city:

It’s difficult to get in sync because of all the (expletive) Mormons out here. And you can quote me on that.

That cost him a $50,000 fine following his issuance of a so-so apology.

4) The Crotch-Kick Suspension

In a January 1997 game no NBA fan will ever forget, the Chicago Bulls forward fell out-of-bounds, where he decided to express his frustration by kicking cameraman Eugene Amos in the crotch. That cost Rodman an 11-game suspension and $1 million in lost pay.

That wasn’t Rodman’s first and only incident of on-the-court violence, either. One year prior, he was suspended and fined for head-butting a referee.

And who can forget …

5) The North Korean Communist Connection

The Worm has made not one – not two – but three trips to the communist nation (and declared U.S. enemy) of North Korea. Rodman praised dictator Kim Jong-un, calling him a “friend for life,” and even arranged exhibition basketball games there in 2014. On that last trip, Rodman later had to apologize for statements he made supporting North Korea’s detention of an American missionary (using the alcohol excuse again).

So if The Donald wants to accept this endorsement, then he’s got some catching-up to do with The Worm. To maintain their similarities, he just needs to get drunk, hit a woman, kick a man, badmouth some religion, then go hang out with communists. That wouldn’t make Trump be any more unprofessional than he’s been lately, that’s for sure. And if Rodman can do them, so can Trump.

Featured images from Steve Lipofsky via Wikipedia (Rodman) and Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia (Trump)

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