4 Facts That Prove Paul Ryan Is Women’s Worst Enemy

Some media are painting Paul Ryan’s nomination to be Speaker of the House as a middle-of-the-road compromise. He’s better received by the Tea Party than retiring speaker John Boehner was, they say, but he still has broader appeal, as his 2012 party nomination for Vice President indicates, they offer.

“See, boys and girls and voters? We can get along! He’s young! He even looks like Eddie Munster, for Pete’s sake! He can be a unifier, right?”

Wrong. Examine his voting record and you’ll find Ryan to be anything but a representative of the American people. Especially when it comes to female Americans.

Take these four particular points as clear examples of Ryan’s sadistic stances:

1. Ryan is against abortion – even if the woman was impregnated by rape or incest.

Ryan has voted against a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of medical emergency, 59 times over his congressional career. As a case in point, in 2011 he co-sponsored the “Sanctity of Human Life Act,” a bill that declared “life begins with fertilization” and that aimed to allow states to outlaw all abortions in all circumstances.

2. Ryan is even against birth control.

You’d think that anti-abortion zealots would support preventing that circumstance before it happens. That’s certainly not the case, though, and Ryan is a classic example of such hypocrisy.

During the 2012 election season, for example, vice presidential candidate Ryan repeatedly swore that, if elected, he would remove birth control from insurance coverage. (And even though more than half of the women taking that medication do so for reasons other than contraception.)

That wasn’t just some campaign tactic, either. He’s continued efforts for the same restriction – even behind closed doors in secret House meetings, such as when Ryan tried to use birth control as a wildcard immediately before 2013’s “debt ceiling” government shutdown circus.

3. Ryan wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood.

The Wisconsin representative is also against regular medical care for women. That’s clearly evident by his repeated attacks on Planned Parenthood, which provides reduced-cost (and sometimes free) care to women’s health needs.

For the record, only three percent of Planned Parenthood’s services are for abortion, and 34 percent are provision of birth control. The remaining 63 percent of the work done by Planned Parenthood – a notable majority – pertains to cancer screening, gynecological testing, and similar services.

But Ryan has repeatedly voted to completely defund Planned Parenthood, even as recently as this September, and despite its needed services that have nothing do with abortion or birth control. If he has his way, 2.9 million American women – who otherwise have no access to this needed healthcare – would be denied basic gynecological treatment every year.

4. Ryan is against equal pay.

Gender is not supposed to be a deciding factor when it comes to pay rates, but it still happens, and even though laws pertaining to such discrimination have been on the books for over 50 years. In fact, men are paid 22 percent more than women get, and for the same jobs.

Try telling that to Paul Ryan, though, whose voting record clearly indicates he discriminates against women. For example, he voted against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. He voted against improvements to employment discrimination laws – not once, but twice. He voted multiple times against the Paycheck Fairness Act, too, claiming it would be harmful on the economy.

So if you were believing any of the talk about Ryan being some “middle of the road” kinda guy? You better think again – especially if you’re a woman.

Featured image by Tony Alter via Flickr

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