4 Awesome Minutes Of Women On ‘The View’ Pummeling Ann Coulter (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing we all need at the end of a long week is a pick-me-up. This video is exactly that. Friday morning, Ann Coulter had the idea to go on the ABC women’s talk show The View. It did not go well.

To be clear, Ana Navarro isn’t a liberal, she’s certainly not a supporter of Democrats either, but she’s from Nicaragua, so she actually knows a thing or two when it comes to issues of immigration and immigration reform. Coulter’s new book titled “Adios, America!” which oddly enough she can’t even seem to pronounce, outlines what she thinks is a failing economic stabilisation for the US. Maybe because it’s in the news, maybe because Coulter can’t pronounce Adios, for whatever reason Navarro goes there asking Coulter about immigration.

“Are you a Native American,” Coulter is asked.

“Why yes I am,” Coulter says. “I’m a settler. I’m descended from settlers, not immigrants.”

Uhh..huh… She went on to imply that those living on the Cherokee Nation “emigrated” there, “I am not an immigrant to Cherokee Nation,” she said. “I’m living in America which was created by settlers not immigrants.”


Coulter says that she is a single issue voter following the Donald Trump lead on immigration. “The Democrats do it for the votes, and the rich do it for the cheap labor and the cheap maids. They strut around like they’re Martin Luther King. No. Who is our immigration policy hurting? … We’re bringing in people from very poor culture, from very backwards cultures. No, our social programmes are for the American Poor…”

That was when Navarro couldn’t take it anymore — pointing out that Coulter was sitting next to two immigrants, neither of which qualified as so-called “poor maids.”

Raven-Symoné wanted to know why it is important to Coulter to mud-sling and say things that touch the hearts and souls of so many people who there her harsh words and find them hurtful or offensive. The audience, understandably, went wild with applause for Symoné’s question. “Why do you think your success is based off of that?”

Coulter tried to say it was unusual for people to come to the country, as Padma Lakshmi’s mother did, to help in a doctor shortage. “Have you been to a hospital lately?” Joy Behar asked. “There are many many doctors from Pakistan, India, lots of places.”

The whole thing is insane. It is amazing that Ann Coulter can actually make money off of what she says. There is such an audience for her material of hate and racism that she continues to pump it out to sustain her lifestyle.


Feature image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia commons.

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