3 Out Of 5 Trump-Lovin’ Texans Say They Will Do This If Hillary Becomes President (VIDEO)

In August,  Public Policy Polling (PPP) interviewed 944  likely Texas voters from August 12 – 14, the poll showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by six points at the time.

But, PPP uncovered some unsettling results when they questioned Texans about the possibility of secession from the U.S. following the November election.

PPP found that an astounding 26 percent of Texans believed the state should secede regardless of who wins in November. The number goes up to 37 percent if Trump wins.

However, that number skyrocketed to a whopping 60 percent when the pollsters introduced the possibility of a Clinton presidency.

When Trump suggested that the election could be rigged if he lost in November, his support dropped a bit across the U.S. However, Trump’s Texas support base held firm and mostly agreed with his assessment. The PPP poll revealed that 71 percent of his supporters think that a Trump loss in November would come as a result of tampering or fraud.

At least 40 percent of those supports believe that the defunct organization ACORN would somehow manage to hijack the election, even though the group no longer exists.

The truth is that many Texans would vote to secede for any reason. This attitude has been a long standing tradition since the 1800’s and has made Texas the butt of many jokes for generations.

Now just to imagine how many of those polled supported secession after President Obama won office in 2008?

Featured image via YouTube.

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