2016 GOP Candidates Collected Hundreds Of Millions In Obamacare Funds WHILE Fighting To Repeal It

This is why people shake their heads when they think about the government: Reuters is reporting that at least four governors from the Grand Old Party racing in the 2016 game have collectively applied for and accepted more than $352 million in grant money made available by the 2010 Affordable Care Act while simultaneously badmouthing and working to overturn the very same law from its inception.

After investigating federal spending records, Reuters found that the four hypocrite Republican governors of note, who happen to be likely contenders in the 2016 presidential race, are some of our very own favorite conservative maroons we’ve all come to love to hate so much over the years. Readers know them well: Wisconsin’s Scott “Right-to-Work” Walker, New Jersey’s Chris “Bridgegate” Christie, Tex “Gun-‘em-from-helicopters” Perry, and Louisiana’s Bobby “Five-shades-lighter” Jindal.

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Aides to the four shyster governors claim they see no conflicts in the seemingly disparate behavior of publicly, aggressively criticizing — even running entire elections against — a law from whose newfound cash insurgence they are simultaneously applying for aid through. Spokesperson for Gov. Walker, Laurel Patrick, stated:

“It’s critically important that we continue these services for our citizens. Receiving federal grants that existed prior to the ACA is not the same as participating in the core elements of the ACA.”

And while it’s true the New York Daily News reports that a majority of the $352 million comes from other, less contentious portions of the ACA, that some of the programs did, in fact, exist prior to the ACA as Walker said, some of them didn’t. If some of them did (not all of them, but “some” of them), then others did not. Some of them, then, are new, brought about by President Obama and the Affordable Care Act, which means these governors’ willingness to take while attempting to maintain that they see no conflict in doing so while working to repeal or drastically alter the law, is nothing more than a thin justification for their hypocrisy. They cherry pick to maintain their party stances while reaching out to pan the federal government for the public’s gold.

And this junk happens every day, every year, always and endlessly. This is just one example of why people hate politics and don’t trust their representatives – it’s all cloak-and-daggers smoke and mirrors at a dog and pony show before a largely distracted, if not entirely vacant audience. It’s amazing the country functions as well as it does, actually. There’s your spoon full of sugar for you.

You can read more of the nitty-gritty, hopefully embarrassing details, on these beggars-in-king’s-clothing, here.

H/T: nydailynews.com | Featured image: via pixabay.com and Flickr

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