Green ‘Power Ranger’ Disrupts PP Protest – Gets Audio Of Pastor Saying Rape Is No Excuse For Abortion (VIDEO)

Planned Parenthood saves women’s lives daily. Simply in cancer screenings, condoms, and birth control they bring the level of care for women in poverty up to a barely survivable minimum standard. As an aside, less than 3 percent, they also offer another life-saving service, safe alternatives to a home or non-medical abortion. Nonetheless, a group of mostly angry older women and a pastor decided to protest Planned Parenthood on a busy Bridgeport, Ohio street, demonizing and stigmatizing the women that use Planned Parenthood‘s services to save their lives because abortions occur there sometimes.

Enter the Heroic Green (non-copyright infringing) Power Ranger. Powerful and fearless, he stopped by to stand up for women’s rights and equality. Despite being harassed by humorless and butthurt protesters who had no respect for his civil rights, he was unfazed. Armed with signs that declared “Pro-Choice: The Radical Idea That Women Are People,” and hilariously, “I’m with stupid,” the Ranger got video coverage of the event.

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green ranger at protest

Protesters and counter protester. Green Ranger-1, grumpy protesters, 0.

The evil villainess ‘Rita Repulsar’ (also not copyright infringing) did not show up at the event, but a nasty woman who threatened the Ranger with her power and might as a City Building worker did:

They tried to push him out, to stop him from expressing his First Amendment Rights:

Then, plot twist number one, why so many young people here? And why is the Ranger masked for this event?:

“People can make their own decisions, right or wrong.” said this youth, he was polite, bright and really didn’t seem to be there as a protester, regardless of his shock-jock pre-printed sign. How is it that he came to be there? A young woman counterprotester named Mariah spoke to two of the young women there holding signs. Here is her statement:

I talked to two teenage girls who were holding up signs that said ‘Jesus forgives and heals’ so I stood next to them with a sign that said ‘keep your rosaries off my ovaries’ they then told me how awesome that was and said they are pro-choice but it was a requirement for a class that they protested abortion at the rally; they go to a private school.

A private school required students to attend an anti-abortion rally, against their own beliefs or fail a class.

If this is in their School Board Approved curriculum it may be legal for a Private School to require their attendance at functions but it is not known at this time if it is or not.

What seems odd is why this pastor (video below) from both St. Anthony’s and St. Joe’s appears so dead set on not claiming the group he was with and avoided answering whether he was involved in planning this event.

When asked if women who are the victims of rape or incest deserve the right to choose, he said “no.”

When the Green Ranger states that he believes a woman gets to decide if she wants to carry a baby to term, the pastor quips “then don’t get pregnant!” and as if an afterthought “And if she gets pregnant by rape, well, you know, life isn’t perfect.

Life isn’t perfect?!? Listen for yourself:

Here is St. Anthony’s facebook page, and the invitation to the protest on that page is here.

This entire protest appears to have been a religiously motivated event, and those representatives of God attending have declared that since life is not perfect, women have no right to control their own bodies.

Honestly, it must be difficult for the youth forced to participate in the hateful, pointless shaming of women at the possible cost of their graduation. Shame on you Ohio, even if this is legal it is reprehensible anyway.

For more about the group that organized this protest, We The People – Ohio Valley.

Feature image via confidential source. 

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