19-Year-Old College Kid Schools Jeb Bush On His Brother’s Iraq Disaster

It’s painfully obvious that the country needs another Bush in office like it needs another variety of Oreo cookie. In fact, one truly must wonder why there hasn’t been a constitutional amendment strictly barring Bushes from higher office. But, Jeb Bush wishes to make his own foreign policy screw-ups, and do so while pronouncing nuclear properly.

If you’re a Bush, revisionism is your favorite game to play, next to hiding the dirty oil money. For example, Jeb Bush continues to say that America’s retreat from the Middle East under President Obama had contributed to growing the Islamic State. Of course totally forgetting that it was George Bush who ordered the exit. Scary enough, Jeb Bush has selected his brother George to be his foreign policy adviser. Um, George shouldn’t be allowed to advise him on what freaking tie to wear, nonetheless anything involving the Middle East. That’s like naming Dick Cheney as an adviser on gun safety.

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In any case, during a Jeb Bush town hall in Nevada, a young student stood up and blamed his brother’s bungled quagmire of war in Iraq, saying it had spawned the group calling itself the Islamic State.

Your brother created ISIS,” she declared. Bush said he ‘respectfully’ disagreed. (SeattleTimes)

Then a somewhat older man forced Jeb to answer whether he would have supported the 2003 Iraqi invasion given the intelligence known today. Bush, trying to find just the right equivocation without totally di*king over his past-eating brother, acknowledged mistakes only to give some kudos.

“I give him credit,” he said of his brother, for the 2007 troop surge.(SeattleTimes)

For anyone that doesn’t watch Fox News, we all know that Saddam poised little to no threat to the United States. Furthermore, we all know that our invasion, disarming of the Iraqi Army, and subsequent occupation opened up ancient rivalries in the Sunni and Shia community. This gaping power vacuum is what led to the eventual usurping of power by the brutal thugs in ISIS. Jeb may want to get the Kochs to get him some really expensive dancing shoes, as he’ll be dancing around this question for months to come.


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