12-Year-Old Conservative Tells Fox News He Wants To Debate President Obama. Seriously. (VIDEO)

C.J. Pearson is the newest conservative darling. His YouTube rants about President Obama and liberals are all the rage among the right wing. At this point I should probably mention that C.J. Pearson is 12 years old.

Pearson is the perfect conservative anti-Obama package. He’s a good looking kid, he speaks clearly without using big words (at 12, how many can he know?), and he’s black. He even has his own website, which proclaims that he is “trusted by 30,000 conservatives.” Apparently it doesn’t bother any of those 30,000 that their political philosophy is so simplistic that it can be articulated by someone who hasn’t started shaving yet.

The crew at the weekend version of “Fox and Friends” had a chat with Pearson on June 28. The boyish Tucker Carlson was almost giddy with delight while talking to him. Maybe Tucker was hoping they could be playmates?

Pearson tells Carlson, and co-host Anna Kooiman, that he wants to interview President Obama. Since the president has done other interviews with online reporters, Pearson figures he should be entitled to one as well.  He promises Carlson and Kooiman that he would ask tough questions, not the “softball” ones that the president has gotten from other reporters. He apparently missed Shane Smith’s Vice News interview with the president, where the questions were anything but “softball.”

Carlson seems especially delighted to hear Pearson attack Hillary Clinton. He visibly fights to restrain himself from breaking into a smile when Pearson calls Clinton “one of the most narcissistic, self centered politicians.” According to Pearson, Clinton “doesn’t even deserve to be a candidate for the White House.” Instead, he thinks Clinton should be a “candidate for the federal penitentiary,” although he doesn’t say why.

No doubt that Fox News viewers love what Pearson had to say about Clinton. But some perspective is in order. C.J. Pearson was somewhere around 10 when Hillary Clinton left the State Department. He was about six when she was sworn in as secretary of state. In other words, Clinton was taking office when Pearson was reading “Dick and Jane.” All he knows about Hillary Clinton is what someone has told him.

Pearson isn’t the first pubescent the right has fallen in love with. Flash back a few years, to the CPAC convention and there was another adolescent spouting conservative philosophy named Jonathan Krohn. Krohn is an adult now, oh, and by the way, he’s a liberal.

Pearson says that his parents disagree with him, and implies that they are Democrats. He really does seem like a bright kid, too bright to be a conservative. He tells Carlson and Kooiman that his parents will have to vote for a Republican one day, when he runs for office. But I’m betting that by the time he is old enough to vote, he will have left the foolishness of his youth behind.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

— 1 Corinthians 13:11

Here’s C.J. Pearson’s interview with Anna Kooiman and Tucker Carlson, via Fox News:

Featured image via screen capture from Fox News

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