12-Year-Old Conservative Becomes YouTube Star By Defending Giuliani’s ‘Obama Doesn’t Love America’ Stance (VIDEO)

Rudy Giuliani’s narrow-minded remarks about President Obama not loving America definitely agitated us all, but at least the former New York mayor had one person supporting his foolish comments; a 12-year-old boy from Georgia.

C.J. Pearson, who has been a dedicated conservative since the age of 8, posted a video on YouTube in which he profoundly agreed that President Obama doesn’t really love this nation because he “isn’t willing to defend our country against the evil of terrorism domestic and abroad.”

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The 12-year-old began the video by applauding Rudy Giuliani for the statement he made last Wednesday at the potential 2016 presidential candidates dinner party in New York. Pearson then starts to criticize Obama for his down right hatred for this nation by not calling out ISIS for what it really is, ‘an assault on Christianity.’ In an interview with Columbia County News-Times, Pearson repetitively stated that he believes Obama’s hatred for America is getting in the way of his ability to protect our freedom of speech and hopes that other leaders (like the former New York mayor) would have the courage to speak against the President as well.

In the video, he focuses mainly on the obvious issues with ISIS and is quick to question the President’s values towards this nation. Pearson has reportedly founded the group “Young Georgians in Government” in which he serves as executive director, according to Opposing Views and of course, has political aspirations in the future. One of his many eagerness actions is to lower the minimum age to run for a House seat (in Georgia) from 21 to 18 and 25 to 21 in a Senate seat.

The YouTube sensation has received over 699,000 views since Sunday night, and when asked about his stance on politics he said:

I’m a Republican and  I believe that our party  has taken the biggest steps toward protecting those rights that our Founding Fathers have given us, and protected us with a less intrusive, involved government than the Democratic Party.

Pearson also stated that although his parents differ with his views, they support the work he has engaged in.

My parents, they’re Democrats. While we disagree politically, they’re very supportive of young people, of all people getting involved in the process … It doesn’t really matter which party you get involved in, as long as you get involved, and they’re very supportive of that.

Although Giuliani has yet to respond to the Pearson’s video, other conservatives including Indiana Governor Mike Pence, haven’t been as quick to defend Giuliani’s blunt ignornant message. Pence states: “I don’t think it helps to question the president’s patriotism.” Well, this delusional pre-teen had no problem questioning it. You can check out the YouTube video, below:



H/T: Opposing Views, Columbia County News-Times | Featured Image: Opposing Views

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