10 Year Old Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Bill – GOP Committee Chair Shuts Him Down (VIDEO)

Ten-year-old Nathaniel Gill put together a speech to read to the Florida House committee that passed a bill that would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples.

Nathaniel’s heart-warming personal experience of being bounced around the system until finding a loving family with two Dads was cut short by committee Chair Charles McBurney, who informed Nathaniel, “you’re doing a great job, unfortunately your minute is up.”

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Being the committee Chair, McBurney could certainly have yielded the extra two minutes it would have taken Nathaniel to get through what was obviously something he believed in deeply.

GOP bigots aren’t interested in personal triumph or the thoughts of their constituents, they’re only interested in pushing their discriminatory bills through to a full vote so their equally bigoted friends can continue the business of taking away the rights guaranteed to ALL Americans by the Constitution.

Watch GOP Chair McBurney shut down a ten-year old boy who opposes discrimination.

Watch the full speech Nathaniel Gill prepared for the Florida House committee, courtesy of Equality Florida.

H/T: Blue Nation Review | Image: Screen Capture

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