WATCH: 10 Of President Obama’s Greatest A$$ Kicking Moments (VIDEOS)

With President Obama’s tenure as president winding to a close and the GOP’s Clown Car race heating up, we thought this would be a perfect time to remind you all how awesome President Obama is. So we have put together a list of some of the greatest Obama moments, all the way back to his first debate with John McCain.

So, sit back, grab a drink and enjoy our epic president in all of his glory.

10. That time he mocked Republicans’ debate demands.


9. That time he made fun of Donald Trump on Leno.

8. That time he released the “video of his birth.”


7. That time he fact checked his critics.


6. That time he owned the GOP at the State of the Union Address.


5. That time he appeared on “Between Two Ferns.”

4. That time he made Romney look like a fool about “horses and bayonets.”


3. That time he made fun of Boehner’s spray tan.


2. That time he called out Fox’s hate.


And finally……

1. The moment that made us fall in love with him during his first presidential debate with John McCain.


President Obama has faced a historic level of obstructionism from the right during his time in office. They have opposed every single thing he has wanted to do and he still managed to turn this country around. No matter how many times they expressed their racism and hate, he never let it get to him. Instead of flipping out, he turned them into the joke.

We sure are going to miss him.

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