10 Reasons Why Underdog Bernie Sanders Scares The Crap Out Of Republican Koch Suckers

Democrat underdog Bernie Sanders isn’t seen as a credible threat by most to unseat Hillary Clinton as the top pick to represent blue in 2016. While Sanders has gained some ground in recent polls, the numbers in support of Clinton are still what can only be described as lopsided.

Still, Sanders offers a welcome stance on social and economic issues that has progressive liberals applauding and regressive conservatives shaking in their boots.

10 Reasons why Republicans fear Bernie Sanders.

10) He voted against the Iraq war.

Bernie won’t be spending any time at all explaining why he voted in favor of Iraq or apologizing for falling for the lies. He’s one of the few who will be able to say he was opposed to it then; no hindsight necessary.

9) He’s tough on big business, particularly the banks that caused the crash.

One of the most popular quotes from Bernie Sanders is that if a bank is “too big to fail,” then it’s “too big to exist.” Bernie has proposed legislation to break up the big banks that caused countless Americans to lose their savings and retirement funds.

8) He calls himself an independent.

He has said he wouldn’t run as an independent, but the fact that he’s known by that moniker could sway life-long Republicans looking for a better option than what their party has become but still refusing to vote Democrat.

7) His stance on immigration may be just what the Republican ordered.

While Sanders stands by the President on the executive action he took, he’s opposed to the “guest worker” philosophy, opting instead to see immigrants achieve full residency so they can be taxed appropriately. Guest workers are often criticized by conservatives for taking American jobs and giving nothing in return.

6) He’s a supporter of popular healthcare policies.

Voting to expand health insurance for children and denying insurance companies a bill they tried to purchase from congress capping malpractice settlements makes Sanders popular with the working class as well as the middle class.

5) He’s on the Elizabeth Warren education train.

While the Republican base isn’t concerned with education…or truth…or science…you get the point, the average American certainly is. Far too many people have had their savings drained or spent years, sometimes decades paying off tuition bills and student loans at interest rates that are higher than you get at the Ford dealership. Sanders endorsed Elizabeth Warren’s plan to make school more affordable, a very popular policy issue for Americans.

4) He is possibly the loudest voice for campaign reform.

When you see a story about Citizens United, more than likely you’ll find a quote from Bernie Sanders. Sanders despises the corruption in campaign finance and has raised more money in small, individual donations than all of the Republican field combined.

3) He supports the second amendment.

Wait, what? That’s right, in case you weren’t aware, Bernie Sanders supports your right to keep and bear arms. He also supports common sense gun laws, as long as they aren’t intrusive.

2) People love Bernie Sanders

He’s articulate, charismatic and outspoken. He bows to no corporate sponsors and owes no lobbyist favors. More than loved in his home-state of Vermont, Sanders is a fixture in congress that only death will defeat.

1) Because of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton will be forced to the left.

And there it is. Rather than focus on Republican failures they’ll be able to try to defend, Hillary Clinton will be forced to take a stand on all of these social and economic issues. Americans for the most part don’t want to hear a bunch of Republicans discuss ISIS or Iran; they aren’t interested in Benghazi anymore.

Americans want to know what a candidate is going to do to continue growing the economy, put more people back to work and fix our crumbling infrastructure.

The only thing more frightening to Republicans than facing off against Bernie Sanders in a general election is facing off against a Hillary Clinton that’s been shaped, at least in part, by his ideologies.

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