10 Facts That Will Drive Your Fox-Spewing Relatives Crazy This Holiday

Arm yourself with 10 solid facts to debunk your Fox spewing uncle at your holiday gathering. If he gets really belligerent, take him outside and cool him down with the garden hose. Happy Holidays!

Top 10 Facts That Will Make Your Tea Party Uncle’s Head Explode:

1: The U.S. economy grew at a rate of 5 percent in third quarter,  the fastest rate in more than a decade.  Source: The Wall Street Journal  & The Washington Post

2: Gasoline prices are the lowest since May 2009. The current average price per gallon in the U.S. is $2.38. Source: CNN Money  & NBC News

3: The White House had no connection to alleged targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS. Source: The New York Times

4: A GOP Congressional report found no wrongdoing by the Obama Administration surrounding the Benghazi attacks. The fabricated charges have been thoroughly debunked. Source: CBS News

5: Growth in government spending has been the slowest under President Obama than both Bush’s and Reagan. Source: The Fiscal Times

6: Climate change is real according to 97% of climate scientists. Sources: NASA & The Union of Concerned Scientists

7: President Obama is not intent on destroying the U.S. economy. Dow topped 18,000 for first time. Sources: Star Tribune & CNBC

8: The Bush Administration lied to the U.S. about the use of torture. Sources: The Atlantic & Forbes

9: Obama has taken only a third of the vacation days and less than half of the trips as G.W. Bush. Source: Mediaite

10: Fox viewers are the least informed Americans. Sources: Poynter.org & Business Insider

And here’s a bonus guide called:

The Democrat’s Guide to Talking Politics With Your Republican Uncle.

Happy Holidays!

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