Bernie Sanders Ends The Revolution: ‘It Doesn’t Appear I Will Be The Nominee’ (VIDEO)

In an interview with C-Span Wednesday, Bernie Sanders finally admitted that he doesn’t think he’s going to win the Democratic nomination, effectively ending a political revolution that changed the face of the primary season and gave a whole slew of politically inactive people an identity. Sanders, who won’t be that candidate nobody remembers in a few years, will continue to be a United States Senator and an outspoken advocate for the people and enemy of corruption.

As a Bernie supporter, it was difficult to hear him say the words, but the reality is that the candidate who earned the trust of more Americans than any other has been a clear second place for some time now. It doesn’t really matter. Sanders has accomplished the mission of pushing Secretary Clinton to the left and will continue his push for progressive policies all the way to the Democratic National Convention.

Sanders has said that if Clinton is nominated he will throw his full support behind her, which hasn’t gone over well with his hardcore fans. Not only did Bernie’s message resonate well with millions and millions of card-carrying Democrats, he also grabbed the attention of an army of Independents who, unfortunately, have vowed to support Trump or Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Hopefully, as the election comes closer and Trump gets louder, more obnoxious and idiotic, they’ll see that going from Democratic socialism to fascism isn’t really that great of an option, and throwing your vote away for Jill Stein is as pointless as going back in time and voting for Ralph Nader.

That’s the difference between a true blue Bernie supporter and the Bernie or Bust crowd: We’re not interested in seeing our country destroyed by another buffoon just to make a point. Senator Clinton is competent, qualified and no less than 547 times more desirable than Donald Trump. Add to that the increased clout an extremely popular Sanders now has — that you can be sure he’ll use — and we may have a chance at continuing the path President Obama has us on.

Watch Bernie lay it on the line the only way he knows how: With honesty and integrity:

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