Third Party Candidate’s Reality Check For Evangelicals Who Support Trump: ‘He Despises You’ (VIDEO)

One of the almost 200 people who are running for President (seriously) is Tom Hoefling, who is the candidate of the American Party. Hoefling has been a right-wing activist for ages, mostly among the pro-birth, anti-gay and Second Amendment people. He does the rounds on right-wing radio regularly. Most recently, he was on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s program, “Pray In Jesus’ Name.” But his message might not be well-received by pseudo-Christians on the right.

During the interview — after much talk about Hoefling’ views — Klingenschmitt eventually asked him about the idea that voting for him is the same as voting for Hillary Clinton. Hoefling scoffed at the idea — well, he would considering he wants those votes. Calling Donald Trump a “reprobate,” Hoefling explained why Trump is not your “run-of-the-mill sinner”:

“He’s someone who not only committed serial adultery but went into a book that he was writing and bragged about it. That’s the mark of a reprobate. That’s not somebody that I want in the most powerful office in our land and in the world.”

Klingenschmitt (aka Dr. Chaps, I kid you not) then tried to get Hoefling to say that Hillary Clinton is worse. But that didn’t happen. Instead, Hoefling spoke about not comparing ourselves to ourselves and what his own “plumb line” is. That is, the Bible and Natural Law, followed by the Constitution (which disqualifies him as far as I’m concerned). The furthest he would go down that road was to say that neither Clinton nor Trump comes close to his standards. Gotta give him an “A” for integrity.

Back on the topic of Donald Trump, Hoefling has a message for Evangelical Christians and it’s a harsh truth bomb:

“I’m speaking directly to Christians right now. He (Trump) despises you. When he stood up and gave that speech in Cleveland, you know, he threw a few moldy scraps of bread to the evangelicals who support him, but you can just tell from his demeanor, he’s not one of you, he doesn’t believe what you believe and you can’t trust this man.”

I find it interesting that people who claim to be Christian are lining up behind Donald Trump. Hoefling is right; Trump is not a run-of-the-mill sinner. He steals labor and materials from those who build his temples to himself (making him an idolater). He has cheated on at least two of his three wives. He slanders, he lies, he promotes violence. No, Trump is no Christian and any Christian who swallows the act Trump is selling needs to step back and listen to Tom Hoefling.

I’m no Christian and I find Hoefling and his party’s extreme platform abhorrent. But at least he is up front and transparent about it. He has policies, which is more than Trump does. I don’t agree with them but it is absolutely his right to lay them out and believe in them.

Tom Hoefling has a message for Christians and they really ought to listen.

This is the clip of the relevant quote via Right Wing Watch:

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You can see the entire video at the Gordon James Klingenschmitt channel on YouTube.

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