Worst Idea Ever: MA City To Hire Gitmo Guards Trained To Torture As Police Officers

Millions of Americans are calling for the prosecution of those responsible for the torture recently reported by the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Some of the worst torture reported came out of Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

Camp Delta, where “enemy combatants” were systematically tortured by way of waterboarding, sleep deprivation, even alleged sexual assault, was and is home to some of the best kept secrets in the world and some of the most notorious bullies alive.

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The police department in Worcester, Massachusetts has started a pilot program, specifically inviting trained military guards from Guantanamo to come and join their team.

Just what the third largest city in Massachusetts needs.  Bullies from military prisons trained to treat people like trash and do anything necessary to get them to cooperate policing their neighborhoods.

The new recruits from Gitmo will receive full-time paid training for 35 weeks to help them make the transition from military personnel to civilian police force.

According to the Free Thought Project there are thousands of recruits from military prisons all over the world being recruited by local police forces across the country.

With the recent public skepticism of our police and whether or not they are mentally fit to do the job, there is bound to be speculation that hiring ex-military goon squad personnel made famous for their ability to extract information through the use of force may not be the best idea.

In fact, it may be the worst idea of all time.

Our veterans certainly don’t all deserve to be grouped into a category of mistrust, and their service is always appreciated, but these particular prison guards have seen things and possibly done things that would in the eyes of most people preclude them from being able to protect and serve with any kind of efficiency.

With the rate of PTSD among our vets, is this really a course of action that is in the best interest of the people?  Hiring ex-military as police saves money on training, but in the end who will pay the ultimate price for the decisions they make?

I for one am not ready to confess to a crime I didn’t commit to avoid having my fingernails pulled out.

H/T: The Free Thought Project | Image: Esquire.com


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