WATCH: Road Raging Cop Pulls Gun On Elderly Couple, Pounds Husband’s Face And Shatters His Teeth (VIDEO)

While most news reports are of police killing or injuring black men, often unprovoked, anger problems aren’t always racially directed.

An elderly white couple in St. Louis County (the former home of slain teenager Michael Brown) says that they were brutally attacked by police on Mother’s Day as they were driving to the cemetery.

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Janet and Donald Akers had the bad luck of sharing the road with a big black truck, which was driven by a St. Louis County police officer. The truck started veering into the Akers’ lane so Janet honked.

The driver of the truck honked back, incessantly, so Janet gestured for him to pull over.

First, the driver’s wife got out of the truck and started yelling at Janet, then he got out and he was armed.

The very first thing the driver did was hit Donald in the nose. Donald’s nose, sinus cavity and teeth were broken.

When police were called, they began joking around with the driver. Then, without offering medical care, the police searched the Akers’ car.

Not surprisingly, St. Louis County is investigating and they aren’t releasing the name of the cop.

This isn’t the first instance of police road rage getting out of control. In New York a cop was stripped of his gun for road rage against an UBER driver. It was caught on video as well.

Featured image via  Fox2 St. Louis

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