Video Shows Police Beating And Pistol Whipping A Handcuffed Suspect While He Yells For Jesus

Michigan State Police have launched an investigation after a video was released that shows a multi-jurisdictional task force beating a handcuffed suspect. The man was wanted do an armed carjacking and led the police on a chase before they caught up with him.

The nine and a half minute video was filmed by Emma Craig from her front door on Detroit’s west side. It starts with a police officer repeatedly punching a suspect while another officer delivers  two random kicks to the man’s ribs. Craig says the police were also pistol whipping the man.

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Here is the video:


The suspect, Andrew Jackson Jr., calls for Jesus during the beating and that pisses one of the officers off:

“What did you say?! Jesus? You’re  calling Jesus? You Fucker! Don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare!” [Source]

The physical contact ends about a minute into the video, you can see officers fist bumping and laughing. A female officer arrived and apparently finds a pistol. She calls the beating,” a justified ass whipping.”

The multi-jurisdictional stolen car task force, ACTION, includes officers from Grosse Pointe Park, Detroit, Warren, Harper Woods and Highland Park. At least one department doesn’t want to be drug through the mud.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig released a statement stressing that not of his officers were involved in the beating.

“There were no DPD officers at the scene at the time of the arrest and I did not intend to express any opinion on the actions of the officers involved.” [Source]

However, Grosse Point Park Public Safety Director David Hiller defended the officers actions and said they were justified:

“We’re looking at it, and we believe the officers actions were proper,” Hiller said. “In effecting the arrest, they had to kick to get his arms free because he was going for his gun, which was in his waistband. This subject was a parole absconder wanted for an armed robbery in Detroit. He was armed with a handgun.”

Keep in mind, we do not see what led up to the assault. The video starts on the middle of it. But it sure does look damning.

Jackson was face down on the snow and the officer looked to be punching him in the head. The other officer who kicked the suspect was on the phone. If the officers were really concerned about Jackson reaching for the gun, wouldn’t both officers have had their full attention on him?

The incident has now been handed over to the Michigan State Police for an independent investigation. Hopefully they get to the bottom of this and take appropriate action.

H/T: Raw Story | Featured Image: Screengrab from video via Facebook



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