This Ex-Cop Complained About People Getting ‘Free Stuff,’ Now He’s Legally Ripping Off Taxpayers For Thousands

Republicans love cops and they hate the people they call “takers” — people who are receiving various types of welfare and disability benefits. So what would they have to say about Chris DePaolis?

The New York Daily News broke the story of DePaolis in an exclusive report. According to what they found, DePaolis, a former NYPD cop, began receiving disability payments after messing up his knee during the foot pursuit of a suspect. Now he works as a sheriff’s deputy in Florida and according to the Daily News report, he runs in 5K and half marathon races with his wife.

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The Daily News says DePaolis announced his intentions to bilk the state of New York out of as much money as possible in 2012. DePaolis’s Facebook account appears to have been deleted, but the Daily News offers a screen shot of a Facebook post, allegedly by DePaolis, where he offers President Obama’s reelection as the reason he plans to rip off the system. In the post DePaolis says,

via New York Daily News/Facebook

via New York Daily News/Facebook

DePaolis seems to have decided that he would live the lifestyle of what he believes to be the average welfare recipient. Like most conservatives, DePaolis has no clue about welfare. For example, he obviously doesn’t know that welfare recipients are required to find work after receiving benefits for a certain period and that many people who work in full time, low wage jobs still qualify for some welfare benefits. He also probably isn’t aware that in New York City, the average welfare benefit paid to a single parent with two children is $770 a month. The average Social Security disability payment is $1,165 a month. That’s a far cry from what the Daily News says DePaolis receives for his monthly disability pension: $6,839 of tax-free income.

Since moving to Florida, DePaolis has been busy. The Daily News offers pictures of him, along with his wife, holding up medals they both won for participating in various races. In 2014, DePaolis competed in a Father’s Day 5K, where he finished eighth in his age group. He has also run in the Miami Beach Halloween half marathon. Pretty impressive for a guy with a messed up knee, wouldn’t you say?

The sheriff’s deputy job DePaolis took in Broward County, Florida last June earns him another $52,156. The Daily News reports that a spokeswoman for the department said that DePaolis had not disclosed his disability pension when he was hired.

If all of that isn’t enough to get your blood boiling, let’s add this: what DePaolis is doing is perfectly legal. Under New York City code, any police officer who has more than 20 years on the job can work for any police agency outside of New York state. Even if he is supposedly disabled.

A “tipster” who let the Daily News in on the story of Chris DePaolis says that what he is doing is an insult to other police officers:

It’s a slap in the face to all law enforcement that wore the uniform … claiming you had injuries that prevent you from doing law enforcement work. And then you go to another state, join law enforcement and run marathons! All while the New York citizens are paying your pension!

Chris DePaolis is an example of what can happen when someone buys into the right-wing rhetoric about “free stuff” that they claim Democrats are always handing out. He’s living it up on the taxpayers’ dime. But all of those other people he was complaining about are probably wondering when their life of leisure is going to start.

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