Supporter Continues Crusade To Collect Cash For Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man After Ban By GoFundMe

It readily accepted donations for Memories Pizza, the small Indiana restaurant that publicly stated intentions to discriminate against gay and lesbian consumers. GoFundMe didn’t want anything to do with another questionable campaign, though. On April 7, the crowd-fundraising website rejected an account created to benefit Michael Slager, the North Charleston, South Carolina police officer who was arrested that same day for murdering an unarmed African American with multiple shots to the back.

GoFundMe’s PR director Kelsea Little told ThinkProgress:

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After review by our team, the campaign set up for Officer Slager was removed from GoFundMe due to a violation of our Terms and Conditions.

Little declined to offer details on the specific violation, ThinkProgress’ Lauren C. Williams reported.

The person who tried to create the account with GoFundMe has since found another option, however. On April 8, a “Michael T. Slager Support Fund” was launched on Indiegogo, another online donation collector, by a “R. Owens” who claims Slager was only “protecting the community” when he shot and killed the unarmed Walter Scott. The site page reads:

We’re campaigning to show our Support for Officer Michael T. Slager! We believe in all of our (law enforcement officers) and want to publicly support them! Although he may have made mis-steps (sic) in judgement (sic) he was protecting the community. Michael is a former Coast Guardsman with two stepchildren and a wife who is expecting a child, (and) served for more than five years with the department without being disciplined. Please help in any way you can. He has served five years with the department without being disciplined.

Owens’ efforts are falling far shy of its $5,000 goal, though. In its first 14 hours, the account’s received only three contributions, totaling $65. Of 23 comments to the page as of 4:30 p.m. EDT on April 8, only one is publicly visible.

The cause apparently meets the “Terms of Use” of Indiegogo, which says it would only prohibit accounts “to raise funds for illegal activities, to cause harm to people or property, or to scam others.”

Owens’ fundraising page connects to a Facebook page (currently at 20 likes), and its creator also operates a Twitter account. An April 8 tweet from “DefendMichaelS” claims the murder charge filed against the officer is “too harsh.”

Image acquired from Twitter

Image acquired from Twitter

H/T: ThinkProgress | Image: Indiegogo


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