Sh*t Is About To Get Real: First Arrests Made In Bundy Moron Militia Standoff (IMAGES)

Two members of the Oregon Moron Militia decided it would be a good idea to go food shopping. That shouldn’t have been an issue, as law enforcement has told the occupying a**holes that they are free to come and go as they please. Unfortunately, the idiots in question decided it would be a good idea to use federally owned vehicles registered to the Malheur Refuge. The moment they took them off the property they were considered stolen.

The two men drove to the nearby Safeway, presumably to reload on snacks, where they were met by law enforcement officials and promptly arrested:

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The issue now, of course, will be how the imbeciles back at the refuge respond to the news. They’re already breaking the law and costing the taxpayers more than $100K per day, but they still see themselves as some sort of “freedom fighters” securing public lands already owned by the people…for the people.

Perhaps they decided since the people technically owned the refuge’s vehicles that they were entitled to take them for a spin. Technically the people own all of those police cars and fire engines, too. You don’t see too many people taking them for joyrides.

Judging from the stupidity we’ve already witnessed from Ammon Bundy and his merry band of terrorists, this could be a flash point in the standoff. There will certainly be irrational demands and declarations of authoritarian abuse. Let’s hope they don’t decide to amp up their little camping trip and start shooting at people.

If You Only News will keep this story updated as it develops.


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