New Video: Cleveland Police Tackle Tamir Rice’s Distraught Teen Sister Minutes After Shooting

The Cleveland Police have released the full Tamir Rice video and it is the most horrible thing you will ever see.

In the new video you see Tamir shot seconds after the police pull up, just like in the other videos. You then see police just sort of walking around for a minute or so, then all of a sudden they tackle a small figure who was running toward the scene.

The person they tackled and then appear to be wrestling with is Tamir’s 14-year-old sister.

The young girl was running over to help her brother when police tackled her. She’s obviously incredibly distraught in the video. They then handcuff her and put her in the police car that’s sitting right next to her brother’s body.

How horrible that must’ve been for that child.

As we now know, the officer who shot Tamir, Timothy Loehmann, had a record of mental instability. He was forced to resign from the police department he was previously employed with, leaving many to wonder why the heck he was still allowed to wear a uniform.

An attorney for Tamir’s family, Walter Madison, called the video the “cruelest thing” he’d ever seen. Not only did police shoot Tamir, but it doesn’t appear that they even attempted to provide aid to the child for more than four minutes after the incident.

Madison said:

“No one thinks that it’s appropriate to try to save him. The first person who does is not affiliated with the Cleveland police department. This is the level of service that makes people very upset and distrustful of law enforcement.”

The first person to administer aid to Tamir was an FBI agent that just happened to come upon the scene.

It was unthinkably cruel of officers to forcefully knock a teenage girl to the ground who saw her little brother wounded.

It is even more unthinkable that they forced her to sit in a car within sight of his body while they mill around without administering aid.

What kind of police do something like that? What kind of human would do something like that? It is absolutely mind blowing.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot

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