Fox News Host Hopes Garner Decision Won’t Cause Unrest In NYC Because — ‘We’ve Got The Tree Lighting Ceremony’ (VIDEO)

“Fox News” host Gretchen Carlson is shocked — shocked! — at the grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Daniel Panteleo for the death of Eric Garner in New York City, but not for the reason you might think.

On her “Fox News” show, “The Real Story,” Carlson reports the grand jury’s decision and follows it with video of Garner’s confrontation with police. She narrates the video, stating as fact the unproven claim that Garner was selling illegal cigarettes. She then makes the claim that Garner resisted arrest, even though the video shows Garner apparently trying to put his hands up, as officer Panteleo places him in a choke hold that had been banned from use by NYC police, and Garner is wrestled to the ground.

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Joining Carlson is legal analyst Arthur Aidala. She turns to him and says:

I just want to point out that there have been these protests in Times Square, right outside of our building here, for the last week or so, since the non-indictment came down in the Ferguson situation.

Then Carlson reveals her true concern over the grand jury’s decision.

I certainly hope that nothing is going to happen here in New York City today, and we’ve got the tree lighting ceremony.

Aidala apparently feels that he has to top that bit of stupidity, as he then explains that Panteleo grabbed Garner with what he calls a “seat belt maneuver,” and that Garner wasn’t choked. Apparently, in the alternate universe that is “Fox News,” large black men just sometimes die to try and get white cops in trouble. And to ruin Christmas tree lighting ceremonies. . . obviously this is all just another attack in the “War On Christmas.”

Here’s the video, from “Fox News”:

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