Darren Wilson Won’t Get Any Ferguson Severance Money

The AP reports that Officer Wilson, who resigned from the Ferguson police as expected, will not receive any severance package as stated by Ferguson Mayor James Knowles. Wilson’s lawyer, Neil Bruntrager, said Wilson decided to step down amid pressure from police Chief Tom Jackson. Jackson, who was pressured to resign himself after improperly handling the Brown case, told him that many had threatened violence against the Ferguson police department and its officers.

“The information we had was that there would be actions targeting the Ferguson (police) department or buildings in Ferguson related to the police department,” Bruntrager said. (Huffington Post)

Much like all cops who shoot or rough up citizens, Wilson was put on paid administrative leave since he killed Brown. Wilson was earning $45,000 a year and apparently said that being a cop is “all he wanted to do”.  Quite honestly, it almost seems like a nice vacation loophole for a stressed out cop.

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“I’m not willing to let someone else get hurt because of me,” said Wilson to the St Louis Dispatch. (Huffington Post)

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for Michael Brown’s family , expected Wilson’s resignation much like most.

“It was always believed that the police officer would do what was in his best interest, both personally and professionally,” Crump said. “We didn’t believe that he would be able to be effective for the Ferguson community nor the Ferguson Police Department because of the tragic circumstances that claimed the life of Michael Brown Jr.” (Huffington Post)

Can we find the world’s tiniest Violin for Darren Wilson? Wilson already raised a half million in donations for legal fees, and just garnered a paid interview for ABC News. All Wilson has to do is start a “miserably uninformed angry white guy” Kickstarter page and watch the donations pour in like a Vietnamese monsoon. Then again, who needs measly donations from individuals when Wilson can find himself a cozy gig at Fox News. There’s also the possibility that he can join Zimmerman in reality show, though “How to Get Away With Murder” is already taken.

H/T: Huffington Post|Featured Image Courtesy of Salon.com 

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