D.C. Security Guard ARRESTED For Forcing Transgender Woman Out Of Women’s Bathroom (VIDEO)

A security guard was arrested on Wednesday for wearing her bigotry on her sleeve and forcing a transgender woman out of a bathroom. If you’ll allow me a moment to express my amusement: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, the story itself is depressingly familiar:

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News4 spoke with Ebony Belcher, the transgender woman who said she was assaulted by the guard.

Belcher, 32, said she went to the Giant with a friend to pick up a delivery from the Western Union.

While at the Giant, she asked a store employee to point her to the restroom and passed a female security officer standing in the hallway.

The officer came into the restroom and told her to get out, according to Belcher.

“She opened the door and came in and started calling me derogatory names,” Belcher said.

She said the officer put her hand on her shoulder and arm, grabbed her and pushed her out of the store.

But then in an act of either temporary insanity or supreme courage, Belcher called the police. I say “insanity” or “courage” because the police have a well-earned reputation for treating black transgender women as little better than animals. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t arrest/beat/”accidentally” kill Belcher. Clearly, she had more faith in her local police than I currently do.

And her faith was rewarded! The police actually arrested the security guard for simple assault. I would give a rib or two to have seen the look of absolute shock on the guard’s face as the police arrested her. After all, she was only protecting the public from a dangerous sexual predator! That’s what Fox News told her so it MUST be true!

If you’re concerned with the future prospects of the security guard, don’t be. She’ll be all over Fox News in short order, a martyr to the cause of protecting little girls from the dreaded TRANSDANGER.

Here’s the report from News4:

Featured image via screencap

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