Alex Jones: Dallas Attacks Were Set Up By George Soros In Attempt To Start A Race War (VIDEO)

Conspiracy nut Alex Jones is at it again. He is now using the horrific sniper attack in Dallas, Texas to spread the poisonous message that it was nothing more than a way for George Soros to start a race war. Of course, the very idea of using this or any other tragedy to spread division and conspiracy theories is absolutely despicable, but it’s Alex Jones, so of course, that is what he is doing.

Jones took to his batty YouTube channel and ranted that Soros, who happens to be an amazing philanthropist, was trying to orchestrate a “Marxist overthrow of the United States” so that “through the destabilization, an even bigger police state will come into control that the social engineers believe they’ll be able to hijack.”

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He then turned his hateful attentions to #BlackLivesMatter, and essentially called them liars with regards to their stories of being victims of racial profiling and police brutality and murder. The reason for these so-called lies, Jones says, is so that BLM and like-minded people can “justify a takeover of the policy by the globalists,” which will result in a “future reign of terror.” Jones then called for cops to turn their attentions to taking down George Soros, who he referred to as a “freakazoid, weirdo, Nazi-collaborator”:

Are you such big wimps, all the state police, all the local police, the FBI, everybody, that you’d let this son of a bitch, this piece of crap, mess with our media, mess with our country and engage in destabilization like this? I’m willing stand up against him! These people are orchestrating something that’s meant to bring the country down, starting with making the revolution about killing police so that it destroys the whole constabulary so the globalists can come in with their control. It’s that simple. This is the attack takedown of America and George Soros shouldn’t be out and walking around. He sure shouldn’t be in this country anymore. They’ve got arrests warrants out for him in Russia and half a dozen other countries. He needs to get his ass out of this country now.

Alex Jones is crazy, but the problem is that he has an audience who listens to him. In times of crisis, voices like Jones are the last thing the nation needs. They only serve to inflame already tense situations. Hopefully, we can all grieve, mourn, and heal our country together, and the divisive voices like Alex Jones will be drowned out by our louder voices calling for peace and togetherness.

Watch the insanity below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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