That Time Trump’s Scumbag Sons Paid A Fortune To Kill These Beautiful Animals (IMAGES)

While Donald Trump jaunts around the country proving what an incredible a-hole he is, I thought it would be a great time to remind America what incredible a-holes he raised. Trump loves to brag about his success, forgetting that he’s filed for bankruptcy four times, divorced twice, and destroyed a television empire in under a week because he’s a loudmouthed jackwagon.

Trump’s sons once did something similar, bragging about what successful hunters they are, forgetting that trained guides hunted and trapped their kills for them, because as entitled brats and heirs to the world’s biggest d-bag, they’ve never had to actually accomplish anything in their lives.

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The disturbing images below surfaced a few years back after the Trump brats went on safari in Africa to “hunt big game.” When asked about it, The Donald said:

My sons love hunting. They’re hunters and they’ve become good at it. I am not a believer in hunting, and I’m surprised they like it.

Trump isn’t a believer in hunting, but he does believe in the second amendment…this week…as its a popular talking point with the idiots he hopes will vote for him. What he has wrong is that his testosterone-inflated egomaniacal sons are anything close to “good” at hunting.

According to travel writer Paula Froelich, the guides do all the work for the wealthy brats like the Trumps:

The guides do all the work. They track the animals which are not that hard to find. It’s kind of like finding a rat in New York. Then the ‘hunters’ get out of their jeep, which comes with a fully stocked bar, and get to cut off an elephant’s tail before having another gin and tonic.

The spoiled brats defended their actions by saying that local villagers who were “very grateful” because they don’t get to eat meat “often” reaped the benefits of their kills, and that none of the animals were on the endangered species list.

Without a bunch of research I’m going to say that I’m fairly certain that villages in Africa don’t sit around helplessly waiting for rich brats to come by with free meat to survive. While what they did may seem like some benevolent action, the truth is they killed some beautiful animals, including an elephant, a leopard, a crocodile, and a waterbuck.

Trophy hunting like this is considered despicable by people who actually hunt. There is no purpose for it other than to say “look at what I killed” as you slaughter animals that are quickly coming closer to endangered levels.

It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from a Trump.

***WARNING – Extremely Graphic Pictures Below***

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Congratulations, boys. You’re scumbags, just like your father.


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