Right-Wingers Stoop To A Disgusting Low To ‘Justify’ Alton Sterling’s Murder

Right-wingers have just stooped to an absolutely disgusting new low to “justify” the murder of Alton Sterling. Photographs began circulating on the “White Rights” section of Reddit on Thursday, showing a man, who is supposedly Sterling, with children holding guns.


Via Snopes screen capture

Snopes was quick to call bullsh*t.

There is no evidence, however, that the man pictured in this image is the same man who was shot and killed by police officers in Baton Rouge.

So where did they even find the pictures? Well, they’ve been making rounds on social media since 2010 at least, but according to time stamps on the pics, they were taken in 2007. It was first posted to comedian Dan Goodman’s “Ghetto MySpace” web along with several other photographs of this family.

Capture 1

Via Snopes screen capture

Capture 2

Via Snopes screen capture

Some of these photos have also appeared on various on “Parenting Fails” lists. Goodman didn’t reveal where exactly these pictures came from, but “Ghetto Myspace” claimed that all pics featured on the page came from actual myspace profiles.

Snopes’ conclusion?

There is no evidence that this image is of Alton Sterling (and it bears little more than a passing resemblance to later photographs of him) or that it came from Sterling’s MySpace profile:

Capture 3

Via Snopes screen capture

We have no proof that the man in this picture is Sterling. But then again, all of us black folks look alike, right? And what if was Sterling in these pictures? Does that he mean he deserved to die? Right-wingers predictably attack the character of police shooting victims. Every. D*mn. Time. They desperately search for anything in the victim’s past that might be used to assassinate their character and excuse the deadly behavior off trigger happy cops.

Alton Sterling was shot at point blank range while he was pinned to the ground. No picture from a decade ago can justify that. Period. If you think otherwise, then you are part of the problem. . . and an a**hole.

Featured image via Snopes

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