Retired Colonel To Republicans Who Want US Ground Troops: ‘Let’s Draft Your Kids’

If there’s one thing America loves more than a scantily-clad teenage pop singer, it’s blowing crap up. But if there’s anything that America loves more than blowing crap up, it’s having other people doing the fighting. Yet while Americans have mostly remained war-weary and wish to remain out of the Middle East’s internal conflicts, the spread of ISIS and its unspeakable acts of violence in Iraq has certainly brought back the war drums.

Even if Bush’s invasion of Iraq created ISIS, this is mostly a problem from the Sunni/Shite countries of the Middle East to sort out.  We can no longer be the parent that keeps bailing out its drug addict kid; the Sunni nations of the Middle East must commit their OWN ground troops to fight ISIS.

But thanks to FOX News and its priapism for permawar (they need a new “shock and awe” war for ratings) a recent Quinnipiac poll showed that 62 percent of voters support sending ground troops back to Iraq. This, of course, angered Colin Powell’s former chief of staff and retired army general, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson.

Here was Wilkerson responding to the poll:

“If 62 percent of voters want to use ground forces against ISIS in Syria or Iraq or wherever, then I suggest we have a draft and we draft those 62 percent to lead the way,” said Wilkerson on All In With Chris Hayes. (Crooks and Liars)

I’ve always believed that conservatives never-ending love for war would disappear faster than Miley Cyrus’ clothing if we reinstated the draft. They are all too willing to have someone else’s kid pay the ultimate price for their lust for permawar and bettering Lockheed Martin’s bottom line. I hate to say it, but the colonel is right: if we want to see that 62 percent disappear, we need to bring back the draft.

H/T: Crooks&Liars|Featured Image via screengrab

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