Ever Wake Up Just Happy To Be A Liberal? This Awesome Facebook Post Says It All (IMAGE)


Being liberal isn’t simply a label. It’s not because of where you grew up or went to school; it’s not something you stumble upon by accident or decide to be on a whim. Being liberal means you’re smart enough to understand the world around you.

Understanding that it isn’t a crime to be born a minority or an affront to God to be gay or an abomination to be poor is something we pride ourselves on. Rich or poor, black or white (and everything else), gay or straight, we are all born naked, without the constraint of the irrational judgement of others. We gain those as we grow, and shed them as we begin to understand. We learn that the feelings we have about other people who populate our planet aren’t based on politics or religion, but on a respect for common decency and a desire for societal evolution.

It’s difficult for those who aren’t liberal to understand because they don’t have the mental capacity or intestinal fortitude to fight back against racism and bigotry. They don’t understand how damaging it is to their own well-being to constantly give in to the fear and doom. It frustrates us because we want to love everyone, but loving such hate is nearly impossible.

So we focus on what makes us who we are, we do everything we can to affect change and we do it without the expectation of compensation, because making our world a better place is worth the struggle for our own well-being as well as for the future of our children and grandchildren.

It can be difficult to put into words. Explaining that you’re a liberal to a right-wing extremist means, to them, that you want to take their guns and make America…not great. It means you’re lazy and want free stuff. They can’t seem to get that liberals are better educated with better jobs and in most cases live in areas with lower poverty collecting less public assistance.

I came across this Facebook post recently, and it really just stood out. It perfectly describes what it’s like to be a liberal and why we’re so determined to come down on the right left side of history:


The comment is great. The meme is brilliant. All I could do when I saw it is share it with all of you. Who is Wayne Starz? He’s just some guy who made a comment on Facebook. He’s not some famous activist or an influential writer or tv personality. He’s just like you and I and he is absolutely right.

It’s great to wake up in the morning a liberal.

Featured image via Facebook

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