Eat It, GOP! CEO Who Raised Employees Income by $70k Is Making Record Profits

So you remember last week when Dan Price, founder and CEO of Gravity Payments in Seattle, decided to better the lives of his workers by raising the minimum salary at his 120-person payment processing company to $70,000.  Well, that same CEO is now so overwhelmed by new business that his personal salary cut may look like small peanuts in the end.

But wait? So you’re saying that capitalism can actually thrive when a businessmen raises the standard of living for his lowest paid employees? Nonsense! Next you’ll be saying that giving people affordable healthcare will stop people from dying

As the cliché in business goes, one has to spend money in order to make money. And Dan Price’s audacious act of humanity is proving to be the smartest business move he ever made. It seems Gravity Payments, Price’s company, is freaking awash with new business ever since Price announced he’d raise every one of his employee’s pay to $70,000 a year by slashing his own salary.

I’m actually shocked by the reaction from businesses,” Price told CNN Money. “It has me on cloud nine.

According to Price, his credit card transaction processing company has recorded the best week for acquiring new clients in the 11 years since its founding. Better still,  Price says a plethora of new clients have signed on with the company. Business is doing so well that he’s actually thinking about expanding his staff to more than its current 120 people.

Here’s the thing to all greedmongering, scumbag Republicans: the beauty of paying a workforce well to do the work you don’t have the time to do; furthermore, one in which can afford to show up everyday to do the job and not drown in credit card debt to pay for the ridiculous cost of living nowadays, means that they have more of an incentive to make you richer and bring you more business. I know–it’s such a foreign concept that it’s only what the whole rest of the freaking world tries to do. Eureka! Not being a greedy a-hole 24-7 can actually pay dividends! So hopefully Price’s sound business decision leads to more and more companies following suit.

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