YouTuber Hilariously Trolls Fox Host By Posing As ‘Antifa’ Member (VIDEO/TWEETS)

Another title for this post could have been ‘A Troll Trolls A Troll.’ Fox News’s Jesse Watters’ interview with a man posing as an “Antifa” member had Twitter users losing their shit. There were clues in the interview with ‘Kevin’ that should have made Watters curious as to whether he was legit but the Fox News host really thought he had something.

The Fox ‘News’ host on Saturday used his ‘Watters World’ episode to interview “Kevin,” who was posing as a member of the Boston Antifa branch.

Here’s how Watters got punked:

He brought “Kevin” on because he took credit for an anonymous open letter that was published and he allegedly wrote, “It is time for liberals and progressives to lose their illusions about the anarchist movement and our tactics because, quite frankly, you have no one else willing to fight for you.”

Watters kept pressing Kevin on violence that he attributed to the Antifa movement but ‘Kevin’ said the violence is meant to be self-defense from “racists and xenophobes” that “attack” him and his group at peaceful protests. Then ‘Kevin’ accused “right wing infiltrators” of being responsible for the violence, riots, and vandalism that have occurred and said their aim is to place the blame on the protestors.

In mid-June, a protester, who claims to be with Antifa, was accused of hitting a state police horse with a flagpole topped with a nail during a rally, so Watters asked him about that.

Watters asked if the police horse was a “racist Trump supporter.”

Kevin told Watters that  “yes,” the horse is a racist and a “tool of the police” that have become “increasingly intolerant” ever since Trump’s election.

Watters was appalled and so was the Internet. One Twitter user wrote, “Watch Antifa degenerate say police horse deserved to be stabbed in neck b/c he (the horse) is a racist Trump supporter…& he’s dead serious” and he included a clip of the video.

The only problem is that he wasn’t ‘dead serious.’ The alleged Antifa member, “Kevin,” goes by BG Kumbi on YouTube and he even uploaded the Fox News interview under the “comedy” category.

Even Michael Cernovich, who pushed the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory, knew that it was a hoax.

However, some Twitter users still aren’t catching on.

Oh dear…


C’mon, Jesse, you’re not even trying.

Image via screen capture.

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