WWII Vet CRUSHES Trump For Invoking Patton During Campaign In New Ad Running On Fox News (VIDEO)


When it comes to national security, Trump has always been of the opinion that letting the public know what we’re doing just gives our entire strategy away to the enemy, which he thinks is why we have ISIS terrorists posing as refugees going to Europe and coming here, and why Obama was unable to get rid of ISIS. It’s also a big part of why the rollout of his first Muslim ban was so chaotic – he didn’t tell anybody.

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To drive that point home, he said multiple times during his campaign that great generals, specifically George S. Patton and Douglas MacArthur, would be “spinning in their graves” over how Obama handled things like this.

VoteVets apparently has had it with Trump, though, and they’re running an ad on Fox News (during one of their least informed and most biased shows, “Fox & Friends”). It’s also airing during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and CNN’s “New Day.” The spot features a WWII veteran, Jay Wenk, who actually did serve under General Patton, and Wenk has some harsh words for Trump:

“I was a rifleman in Patton’s 3rd Army. He was tough and knew how to win. Donald Trump says General Patton would be shocked if he were alive today.”

He goes on to briefly mention the FBI’s and CIA’s conclusions that Russia meddled in our election to help Trump, and says his campaign team may have helped them do it. But the kicker is at the end, where he drops the biggest, heaviest hammer imaginable about how Patton would really feel if he were alive today. Watch the 30-second ad below:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video

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