Wikileaks Gets SAVAGED After Tweeting ‘Journalists Have No Constitutional Protections’

Wikileaks is apparently getting desperate in their attempt to support Donald Trump as the President* becomes increasingly indefensible because one of their accounts tweeted out the dumbest f*cking thing any of us have heard — that journalists have no constitutional protections unlike writers and publishers, who do.

No, seriously. This is an actual thing that Wikileaks said.

The official WikiLeaks account was responding to a statement from “How to Catch a Russian Spy” author Naveed Jamali that Julian Assange is not a journalist and should not “be afforded the protections given real journos who risk their lives to report the news.”

“A) I never said constitutional and B) thank god you and your kind are none of those,” Jamali replied, adding, “And C) tell your dear leader to argue that in a US court.”

Obviously, journalists do have protections under the First Amendment of the Constitution, but this tweet seems to have been designed to nudge along Donald Trump’s plan to “open up libel laws” and sue journalists who write negative-but-true things about him.

Naturally, Americans showed up in force to show that they’re not idiots:

Recently, it was revealed that Wikileaks refused to publish thousands of Russian government documents in 2016 while at the same time acting as a resource for all things anti-Clinton. That fact, along with this tweeted attempt to undermine Americans’ faith in the Constitution, makes it very clear whose side they are on.

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