Wife Of Hockey Player Comes Out Saying President Trump Hit On Her In Elevator (DETAILS)

The wife of a Hall of Fame Hockey Player Luc Robitaille finally gained the courage to share his experience that President Donald Trump hit on her more than two decades ago.

In a tweet, Stacie Robitaille said the harassment happened in an elevator at Madison Square Garden. According to her, Trump “was aggressive.” She claimed that Trump told her the she was coming home with him. When Stacie responded that she was married, he boasted that he makes more money than her husband.


Stacie received criticisms after sharing her experience on Twitter. One critic accused her of making up unverifiable stories and she is a liberal lefty.  The critic even said, “enjoy your 1.2 minutes of twitter exposure.”

The wife of the hockey player legend responded that she is not a liberal lefty and not looking for attention. She added that she just felt bad for keeping it to herself.

Stacie married Luc Robitaille in 1992. Luc played for the New York Rangers from 1995-97. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2009. He is currently the president of Los Angeles Kings.

Being married to a hockey player legend means Stacie is famous herself. She definitely does not need attention on Twitter.

Trump is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. His accusers demanded Congress to investigate the matter and asked for accountability.

The President strongly denied the allegations and said he never met and knew any of the women. He is lying. Photos and videos of him with some of the women were posted on the social network.


A group of female lawmakers called on the House Oversight Committee to investigate the allegations of sexual misconduct against the President. An increasing number of senators are demand Trump to resign.

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