Whoopi Goldberg Schools Fox Host Who Tries To Claim Fox News Isn’t Racist (VIDEO)

After Comedian D.L. Hughley told Megyn Kelly of Fox News to her face while on Fox News that the cable network’s coverage of people of color being killed by police officers is extraordinarily biased, even saying, “the only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News,” many have weighed in on what he actually meant by that.

What he seems to have meant was that Fox News never sees these brutal police killings as a matter of race, but rather that the officer involved was just doing their job and did what was necessary. Thus, Fox News pretty much continuously condones the behavior. Even when video evidence proves to the contrary.

The ladies of The View discussed what Hughley was talking about, including one of the hosts, Jedediah Bila, who happens to be a Fox News host herself. Bila called the criticism “not fair” and went on and on about how Fox News covers stories apparently to not just jump to conclusions, insinuating that the cable network is actually a responsible news organization and not just a media arm of the Republican party.

Whoopi Goldberg just wasn’t having it and taught Bila a thing or two about using her eyes to notice that brutality against people of color is actually occurring and Fox News is ignoring it.

Goldberg said:

“When you see something as horrendous as what we saw on Monday play out… where the officer shot [Philando Castile], it’s kinda hard not to see what that was. Now maybe the cop was nervous, but what you see is what you see. And when you look at Eric Garner, what you see is what you see. And what shapes the narrative, often times, is a disregard for the fact that we do have a racial issue. We do have an issue between how police are sometimes, and how people of color are sometimes, and that’s the discussion we don’t have, and it’s the shape of this particular narrative, I think, is not helped, often times, because when it comes to race we don’t want to hear it. That’s what I’ve seen.”

Bila then tried to defend herself, but it was to no avail. It is what it is, and Fox News chooses to ignore the fact that a lot of what is happening has very much to do with race, which in turn, is racist. Something Bila doesn’t quite want to admit.

Watch the exchange here:

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