White House Thrust Into ‘Category 5 Hurricane’ As Trump FUMES Over Son’s Russia Scandal (DETAILS)

Now that his son, Donald Jr., has moronically put himself in the middle of his father’s Russia scandal, Donald Trump is apparently fuming and unable to contain his rage.

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Since getting back from his second trip overseas, the disgraced POTUS has basically gone into hiding and the White House couldn’t have been more pleased at first, because Trump makes a massive PR mess whenever they let him out in public. Unfortunately, since Donald Jr. has picked up the slack for his father by admitting to meeting with a Russian lawyer during his dad’s presidential campaign, the White House is now a “Category 5 hurricane.” The Washington Post reported:

President Trump — who has been hidden from public view since returning last weekend from a divisive international summit — is enraged that the Russia cloud still hangs over his presidency and is exasperated that his oldest son and namesake has become engulfed by it, said people who have spoken with him this week.”

This volatile situation was referred to as a “Category 5 hurricane” by an outside ally, and an outside adviser stated that the connections between Trump’s team and Russia looked like the plot from the show “House of Cards.”

Judging by the epic tweetstorm that Trump let loose this morning, he’s about to explode and is having a really hard time containing his emotions. He continues to say his Russia scandal is a plot by the Democratic Party, and has defended his idiot son despite the fact that Donald Jr. severely damaged Trump’s chances of snaking his way out of the scandal.

Trump has never been more unstable, and he will likely go to greater lengths of nonsense than we’ve ever seen before to protect his family. As Americans – even Republicans – abandon Trump over the mounting evidence for collusion with Russia, very few are willing to defend the corrupt Trump administration now. This will only make Trump go into overdrive with his conspiracy theories and “fake news” drama. He’s on his way to completely derailing and having the ultimate breakdown – and he has his own son to thank for that.

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