White House Reporter Bravely Defies Trump, Live Streams Press Briefing (AUDIO)

FINALLY the press is beginning to stand up to the Trump administration. White House reporter Ksenija Pavlovic defied White House restrictions on the recording of live audio of a press coverage by streaming it via Periscope on Twitter.

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Pavlovic didn’t include video, but she did stream the audio and shared it to her Twitter account:

The audio cut off after 17 minutes, but she later began a second stream that ran for 31 additional minutes that are sure to infuriate Trump, who has banned live audio and video coverage since June 29.

This act of rebellion was the first retaliatory strike at Trump’s White House for the unreasonable attacks on the freedom of the press. Some reporters have spoken out against the restrictions on live broadcasts, but they have timidly complied with the rules.

“There is news from the briefing,” Fox News’ Shepard Smith said as Pavlovic was streaming the briefing. “We get to listen to the briefing; they just won’t let you listen to the briefing. It’s the White House rules, not ours.”

Was this a one-time thing or will it serve as inspiration for other reporters to “grow a pair” and fight back against Trump’s war on the First Amendment?

Only time will tell.

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