White House Releases Personal, Private Information On Political Dissidents

While the White House has been under Donald Trump’s Presidency, it has just been a crazy house. Nothing seems to be in order and EVERYTHING is no longer confidential.

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Between Trump running his mouth to other world leaders about confidential information and him allowing the Russian hackers to interfere with the 2016 elections… no information is protected. And in this latest fail from the White House, you can clearly see the lack of security. Trump released comments of the opposing party and you could see it had to be with malicious intent. Check it out below,

Another comment read,

“Just  F**k off already you sh*t stain on democracy…”

Yes, the White House website actually has 112 pages of voter comments through email that were sent to Kris Kobach and Trump’s Election Integrity Staff just available for everyone to see. We’re talking the full email content, including first and last names, even email addresses. You may need to go and check it out and be sure that their personal information wasn’t just thrown out there for the world to see.  Now, you Twitter had to get their two cents in, and let’s just say…. they weren’t so forgiving about it.

One person says it was deliberately done just so people could be attacked by Republicans,

Girl, so do I. And it smells very strong. Trump and his GOP gang are very disrespectful for doing this. If they are attempting to intimidate people, they aren’t. It’s only helping people realize that this administration isn’t to be trusted.  And honestly, the emails were on point and stated what everyone is probably thinking about Trump and his trash of a leadership. So whatever you tried to accomplish here… failed. Yet again.

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