White House Just Proved They Can’t Even Do Simple Math; Embarrasses Nation (TWEET)

While Republicans and Donald Trump are trying desperately to destroy the Affordable Care Act because it was an Obama victory, there will be real-life consequences that come out of this spite for the former president.

First of all, nearly all red states didn’t implement the law properly, so guess what, it can be perceived as failing because it was sabotaged. Perhaps if those states decided to follow through and implement the law properly with their own state-run exchanges, their citizens wouldn’t think it was failing because they’d actually have insurance options. But that would look like a Democratic victory, and they sure as heck don’t want that.

Secondly, the new Republican version of health care is purely just a tax break for the rich and paid for by screwing over the poor and the most likely to need health insurance. To be blunt, people will die. That’s not hyperbole.

Now, in yet another effort to badmouth the Affordable Care Act, the White House put out a supposed infographic. However, here’s the thing, the math isn’t only wrong, it’s so obviously wrong, and it’s really, really pathetic.

The White House tweeted:

“FACT: when was signed, CBO estimated that 23M would be covered in 2017. They were off by 100%. Only 10.3M people are covered.”


Let’s think about that math. 100% of 23M would be — wait for it — 23M. 100% percent of any number is exactly that number.

What is also pretty damn sad about this graphic is that it badmouths the fact that 10.3M people gained access to insurance that didn’t have it previously. Don’t know about you, but that should be seen as a positive. Meanwhile, the Republican bill will strip 22M people of insurance. That’s not math that the GOP should be proud of.

As per usual, let’s leave the math to Democrats who not only can add, but actually want to help the American people.

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