White House Aides Horrified By Trump’s New ‘Unofficial Chief Of Staff,’ The Worst Is Yet To Come

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the future of Donald Trump’s current Chief of Staff, John Kelly, as the retired general and his boss have clashed numerous times over the last several weeks. As Trump continues to purge his White House and leave an insane amount of vacancies unfilled, Kelly’s future continues to be shaky despite statements claiming otherwise. However, what White House aides are now reporting about Trump’s behavior is unsettling, to say the least.

Apparently, Trump and right-wing nut and Fox News anchor Sean Hannity are now BFFs, and the two men are speaking on the phone multiple times each week to give each other guidance and advice. If you’ve ever seen Hannity’s show and are familiar with how crazy he is, this couldn’t be worse news. These two are so close that Hannity is one of the very few that has immediate and direct access to Trump when he calls the White House — and it’s gotten so bad that Trump’s aides are now referring to Hannity as the “unofficial chief of staff.”

If that nickname gets back to Trump, it probably won’t be long before Hannity replaces Kelly — if he isn’t already planning to. Over a dozen of Trump’s aides and comrades have told the Washington Post that Trump and Hannity frequently coordinate what they should discuss on the air and on social media. Trump has regularly promoted Hannity’s show on his Twitter account, and in return, Hannity pushes Trump’s agenda and manipulates the hell out of it to make it look good.

David Bossie, former deputy Trump campaign manager, said of Hannity’s constant defense of Trump in the Russia investigation and many other scandals:

“The bottom line is, during the heat of the campaign when relationships are forged, he was always there, offering good advice, in person and on television. The president sees him as an incredibly smart and articulate spokesman for the agenda.”

No one can argue that Trump needs all the help he can get, but this growing partnership with Hannity could be a disaster for America. Having these two idiots working together might be more than this country can survive.

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