White Guy Caught On Video Calling Woman ‘N****r’ For Literally Doing Nothing Wrong (VIDEO)

Paula Nuguia was out riding bikes with her daughter when she did something so horrible that it motivated a good, pure white man to go berserk and call her a n*gger — something that we are assured by whites everywhere never ever happens unless someone deserves it.

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Nuguia says she and her daughter were riding through Silicon Valley when she attempted to make a left into a parking lot. Showing the intelligence of the average “not-racist,” a white man accused her of making a right — an allegation she notes is “absurd.”

As is traditional in his culture the white  Altima-driving gentleman informed her she is a “b*tch.”

“F*cking Cambodian n*gger, get out of here,” he said.

When she informed him she intended to post the video on social media, he informed her that it’s “awesome” that she’d do that — so she did.

Naturally, the Defenders swarmed Nuguid’s Facebook to inform her that she — not the guy who called her a n*gger — is the real racist:

Many people on Twitter seem to have identified the gentleman, but we will not share his identity here until it is confirmed. It appears he works for Apple, though.

Welcome to Trump’s America, folks.

Featured image via screen capture

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