White Cop Shoots Off-Duty Officer Because He’s Black (DETAILS)

All hell broke loose in St. Louis when a white cop shot an off-duty officer who was black, which obviously was enough to make him fear for his life.

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It all started when police received a report of a stolen vehicle. When police located the vehicle on the road, a chase ensued. When the suspects finally wrecked the car, they opened fire on the officers and then took off running. The off-duty officer lived nearby and when he heard the commotion he grabbed his department-issued weapon and ran to the scene to assist. But apparently, he should have put on his uniform first so his fellow officers would be able to recognize him and not shoot him because he’s a scary black guy.

The Associated Press reports:

Two officers ordered the off-duty officer to the ground, but then recognized him and told him to stand up and walk toward them. As he was doing so, another officer arrived and shot the off-duty officer “apparently not recognizing” him, police said.

The officer who shot is fellow brother in blue because he was “fearing for his safety” is 36 years old and has been with the St. Louis Police Department for more than eight years.

The cop who was shot is 38 years old and has been with the department for more than 11 years. He was reportedly taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. Considering how many black men are killed by police in America, he should consider himself lucky to have lived to tell the tale.

If this doesn’t prove that being a black man in America is a crime punishable by death, then I don’t know what will. Time after time we have watched these innocent people die on video and each time the officer is acquitted because the feared for their lives. And now they are even shooting their own. And the excuse they give is “I didn’t recognize him?” Because if a black man can’t be “recognized” then he is a threat that clearly needs to be neutralized.

We have a serious problem America and it’s time we realized it.

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