While On Vacation Trump Says He’s Working ‘Tirelessly’ For the American People (VIDEO)

Our country’s 71-year-old alleged president started on his 17-day vacation today at his Bedminster, N.J. golf course. There’s nothing wrong with presidents taking vacations but there is something wrong with Trump’s glaring hypocrisy after repeatedly bashing Barack Obama for taking time off. Trump is set to take way more vacations than his predecessor – three times the amount. While the former reality show star’s administration is plagued with scandals, he’s teeing off at one of his businesses while tweeting, because of course.

The Vacationer-in-Chief tweeted out a video of his weekly address, adding that “Prosperity is coming back to our shores because we are putting America WORKERS and FAMILIES first.”


Trump mentions the Dow, the unemployment rate, and the GDP growth, all of which can be attributed to former President Barack Obama. “My administration is working tirelessly on behalf of the American people,” he said while on vacation.

Remember this old tweet?

Other people remembered it, too.

As for American workers, Trump needs to clean up his act.

Trump is trying to distract us from this.

On the plus side, at least while Trump is away, it will be more difficult for him to create more havoc. We hope.

Featured image via Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

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