What Trump’s Lawyers Just Said About His Sexual Assault Case Will Outrage Women Everywhere

Donald Trump’s Lawyers are cursed with the unfortunate task of representing and lying for him. Even if it comes to belittling women in the process.

According to The Hill, Friday, Trump’s lawyers pushed for a dismissal of his sexual assault case filed by former 2006 ‘The Apprentice’ contestant Summer Zervos. She accused Trump of assaulting her at The Beverly Hills Hotel while discussing a job offer for her to start working for the Trump Organization after her stint on the reality show.

The ‘Trump Organization’ would later be revealed as Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Marc Kasowitz is the lawyer who is looking to get Trump’s case dismissed saying that she was only trying to defame the President. Really? Because it looks like Trump is actually doing a great job of defaming himself. Doesn’t look like Mr. Grab ’em by the pu**y needs any help there.

Kasowitz even made the argument that Trump’s comments about the women who accused him of sexual harassment “were nothing more than heated campaign rhetoric designed to persuade the public audience that Mr. Trump should be elected president irrespective of what the media and his opponents had claimed over his 18-month campaign.”

What in the entire f**k? Did he just try to excuse Trump’s blatant sexist, misogynistic ways for a campaign tactic? How disrespectful is that to not only the woman involved but women everywhere?

To make matters worse The Hill reported that Trump’s lawyer tried to find a loop from a 1997 law that would allow Zervos to serve the President while he’s in office.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1997 that presidents could be sued for private conduct while serving in office, which led to the impeachment proceedings filed against former President Bill Clinton for a sexual harassment lawsuit during his time in office.

Kasowitz argued that Zervos’ case, which was filed to the New York Supreme Court, was invalid because the 1997 decision applies only to suits filed in federal courts.

What kind of message is being sent out here If the President is not reprimanded for his inexcusable actions? He shouldn’t be above the law and women should not be silenced by a man’s political power. EVER! We as women don’t seem to be protected but we will continue to speak out from these injustices. Believe that!

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