WH Insider Tells CNN Ivanka Is Causing Problems For Staffers, Her Time As Daddy’s Adviser Is Up

They say a hard working person could become anything he or she wants in America, unless you are Ivanka Trump. Then all you need is daddy’s approval for a prestigious position in the top office.

A frustrated White House chief of staff John Kelly has a problem with the president’s daughter “playing government” and annoying West Wing staffers. Kelly believes Ivanka is being shrewd by intermixing her roles as Trump senior adviser and daughter depending on the situation.

CNN reported, “She’s a policy adviser bearing sensitive new details on sanctions to the South Koreans. She’s a loyal family member who won’t entertain questions about her father’s purported infidelities. And she’s a US figurehead bearing goodwill at an international sporting event.”

And White House staffers also have a serious problem with Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner’s special status. They are bothered by the fact that the mother of three was given preference for the South Korea visit over most of them. The chief of staff is trying to set a hierarchy in the office, but he is unable to do anything about the couple’s special position.

As per people close to CNN, senior officials at the White House weren’t happy with the president’s decision to send her on the South Korea trip. Owing to the threat from North Korea and the sensitive situation in the peninsula, this US delegation was critical and many other top officials were expecting a chance with it.

It has become clear that Trump hasn’t just given his daughter a role among the top jobs sans any merit, but is pushing her even higher among the ranks. This is dividing the White House and his own people are offended by his behavior. If not acknowledged and sorted out in time, we could expect Trump’s loyal staffers to rebel against him.

They obviously haven’t been licking his boots all this time to get nothing in return.

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