We Now Know One Thing Trump Was Trying To Hide With Stormy Daniels, And It’s Explosive

We now have new information on one of the things President Trump was trying to hide when he had his attorney Michael Cohen get Stormy Daniels to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

According to The Daily Beast, Daniel’s friend Keith Munyan, who was one of the four people named in the actress’ lawsuit against the president, and Trump would call her a lot.

“He would call all the time,” Munyan told the Beast. “That man can talk about nothing for hours.”

He then spilled the beans and said that Trump offered to give her one of his condos so they could continue their affair in secret. According to Munyan, Daniels declined the condo, but then he proposed that she move into his unfinished Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida.

One of the reasons he knows this is because Daniels would turn on her speakerphone whenever Trump called. They would talk for that long.

Munyan also dropped this other little truth bomb: Trump at the time was doing The Apprentice and offered her a spot on one of the shows due to the fact that they were sleeping together.

The “hush agreement” between Trump and Daniels has been one of the most discussed stories of the last several weeks.

Daniels offered to return the $130,000 she received from Cohen, and instead of giving it back to him, she’s planning on sending it directly to President Trump. After she does, she plans on that invalidating the agreement she made, because her and her attorney claim Trump never signed it. There’s actually a clause in the agreement that says it needs to be signed by all involved parties. That is perhaps the biggest mistake Cohen has made so far.

Daniels gave an interview with 60 Minutes that’s set to air soon, and that Trump’s attorneys are trying to squash. She claims she has evidence of pics and texts involving Trump, and all she wants to do is tell the world about her story, and let the American public decide what is true or not.

We’re sure this is only one of several truth bombs that are going to hit the airwaves soon.

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