We Know Who’s Responsible For The Trump-CNN Video, And Wait Until You See What A Piece Of Sh*t He Is

Sunday morning, none of us could keep up with the exploding heads on the internet. Donald Trump sent another garbage tweet, and it would have been like any other day — except the tweet was seen by all but his most ardent supporters as a call to violence against reporters and the media. And even though you’ve likely seen it a hundred times by now (it was trending on Facebook within minutes, and probably still is), it’s just easier to throw it in here again for any who may not have seen it yet, rather than explaining why people took it the way they did. After all, it’s pretty self-explanatory, especially with the sound on:

But let’s face it: There’s not a chance in hell Donnie Boy made that video himself. In fact, we now know who did make it, and — surprise — it’s a racist, woman-hating, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, Trump fanboy from the 380,000 member-strong subreddit /r/The_Donald, a haven for all the biggest pro-Trump trolls on the internet. Here’s the original:

Trump takes down fake news (Colorized, 2017) from The_Donald


The user goes by the screen name “HanAssholeSolo,” and to be fair to the troll himself, the sleuthing done by other sites was secondary to the fact that he claimed credit publicly in his favorite forum:


Of course, now that Han is internet famous, he had to go scrub his online history and profile. Much of the evidence of his misogyny and hatred has been edited or deleted entirely, although Quartz managed to grab some screenshots (content warning: NSFW at all) before it was all gone. Oh, and he left plenty behind, too:


So I guess Donald Trump is part of the internet that makes Reddit the 8th-most popular website in the world. It stands to reason he would frequent /r/The_Donald; it’s a forum that collectively calls him “God Emperor.” What more could an attention whore like Trump want?

Featured image via screen capture

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