WATCH: White House Press Shouts And BEGS For Spicer To Come Back, Then This Happens (VIDEO)

Just when you thought the White House couldn’t appear more unprofessional, Sean Spicer bails on the press. Then when the room of reporters literally shouts and begs for him to return, the camera pans away and fades out. The press briefing was over.

Watch the insane moment here:

Unfortunately, this sort of unprofessional behavior has become remarkably typical of Sean Spicer, and, well, pretty much everyone associated with the Trump administration, including Donald Trump.

Just yesterday, Trump also bailed on a CBS interview when he didn’t like what he was being asked. This is apparently how the Trump administration has been asked to handle difficult questions that may be damning and unflattering to Donald Trump.

If Trump wants us to trust him and those he surrounds himself by, he needs to start answering questions, sticking around even if the questions are tough, and being completely forthright instead of consistently trying to pivot and answer with non sequiturs and lies.

Enough is enough. The American people are sick and tired of this nonsense. These people work for us, and we need to demand they do their job.

Featured image via video screen capture

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